2023 Reading Challenge

Reading has become a HUGE part of my life again over the past several years, but that hasn’t always been the case. As mentioned in my About Me page, for years prior to the pandemic I barely read a single new book! Somewhere after high school, I lost my love of discovering new books. I re-read the same books over and over again. BORING! Since starting my second-act reading journey I try purposefully to incorporate new authors, new genres, and new cultures into my reading habits. Give me all the new experiences, please! In addition, I’ve set a personal goal of reading more diversely this year, with a special focus on BIPOC authors. With this goal in mind, I developed the 2023 Reading Challenge. Now I’m sharing with you in hopes you’ll join me in discovering a world of new books!

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Why Start a Reading Challenge in March

Yeah, yeah, I hear you. 2023 is already 25% history! Why start a reading goal in March rather than January? Truth? I didn’t think of it in January. Also, March is National Reading Month, so it seemed fitting to kick off this month! Reading more is never a bad idea, and I, for one, am here to help you do just that. For the rest of the year, I’ll be sharing about my own 2023 Reading Challenge journey, as well as sharing any of your stories and posts that feature a 2023 Reading Challenge prompt. My goal is simple: to help you and your friends read more! And the more we hype each other up, the more fun it will be!

Creating Community

Reading is more fun when you have reading buddies to share in the joy of books. With that in mind, I challenge you to help spread the word about the 2023 Reading Challenge all over social media! Use the templates and graphics I’ve created (see below) to spread the word about the 2023 Reading Challenge on your favorite social media channels. And be sure to tag me (@shesbecomingbookish) in any of your social media posts (IG, TT, FB) so I can share the word about your post! I love sharing other readers’ content; after all, I can’t read all the books myself, now can I?

The goal of this challenge is to expand the normal boundaries of our reading habits. Break out of the rut and read something new to you: a new genre, a new author, a new culture, anything new! And when we all share our reading updates, everyone stays inspired to read more, not to mention everyone’s TBR grows by the day. :)

2023 Reading Challenge with Printable Journal
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2023 Reading Challenge with Printable Journal
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2023 Reading Challenge Prompts

Read One Classic Novel

I used to read a lot of classics but not so much lately. Here are a few of my favorites to help you get started if you’re new to classics!

Read the 1st Book of a Series

There’s nothing better than a great series of books to keep you engaged in reading. Here are a few series I’ve loved.

Read a Horror Book Set in History

Horror isn’t my favorite genre, but I’ve enjoyed the last few I’ve read. Here are some that are set in a historical time period.

Read a Book Set in Your Home State

I’m a Louisiana girl through and through, so I enjoy reading books set back home. It’s fun to be transported through books! So why not go home?

Read an LGBTQIA Romance

Romance isn’t my strongest suit, but I enjoy a good LGBTQIA romance as much as the next reader. Here are some that blew me away!

Read a Booksta or Booktok Favorite

I’ll admit, if it weren’t for Booksta I probably wouldn’t have started reading again, at least not as much. Here are a few Booksta darlings that you consider if you haven’t read them yet!

Read a Debut Novel

Some debut novels can really knock your socks off. Here are a few that took my breath away in the best way.

Read a Book by a BIPOC author

I’ve made 2023 my year to incorporate more diversity into my reading. Here are a few books helping me to do just that!

Read a Book Based in Asia or Africa

Again, diversity is key this year, including diverse settings! Here are a few books based in Asia and Africa that I have my sights set on in 2023.

Read a Book from Your Least Favorite Genre

I’m pretty much glued to historical fiction, so reading outside my preferred genre doesn’t happen much. But this year is all about mixing it up a bit! Here are some much beloved Sci-Fi books I hope to read soon.

Read a Book by an Indie Author

Indie authors don’t get as much hype as they should. Let’s make sure we do our part to spread the word about some!

Read a Book from a Banned Book List

Last but certainly not least, let’s wage war on the war on books! Be sure to add at least one banned book to your reading list this year.

Want a FREE Reading Challenge Journal?

If you love a good printable to journal in pen/pencil or with your tablet & stylus, then be sure to grab your free copy of the 2023 Reading Challenge Journal! This printer-friendly PDF comes with 18 pages of journal magic to track all your selections for the reading challenge. Each challenge prompt has a fully dedicated journal page to help you capture your thoughts and review. There are even extra pages for you to document your personal goals for the challenge, as well as a few pages dedicated to the 2023 Reading Challenge community. Enter your email to get instant access to the printable reading journal!

2023 Reading Challenge with Printable Journal

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