23 Things I Loved in 2023

I don't share a lot of lifestyle content here on the blog, but I couldn't miss the opportunity to spread the word about these great products I discovered in 2023! All of these products were purchased by yours truly (or gifted to yours truly by my guy), and I wholeheartedly endorse each and every one. There is something here for everyone, so be sure to scroll through the entire list of 23 Things I Loved in 2023!

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Plant Lady Pop Socket

Late to the party (as usual), I finally decided to try a popsocket in 2023, and my hand has thanked me for it ever since! After much searching, I finally found the perfect popsocket to showcase my love of plants. I've gotten so many compliments on my Rare Leaf Popsocket, and I know you will, too! I love the detail and the variety of leaf designs so much that I will be ordering more.

Souper Cubes

These little silicon molds have totally changed the way I cook and store soup. I use the 1/2 cup molds to store chopped veggies for soup and bean starters, and I use the larger cubes to freeze prepared soup in smaller portions. I love my Souper Cubes so much I've gifted them to several friends.

Thick Athletic Socks

These Saucony heel tab athletic socks are a dream come true. I like a slightly thicker sock to protect my feet from blisters, and these are super comfy yet breathable. And the heel tab gives added comfort when breaking in a new pair of sneakers. Highly recommend.

Daily Facial Scrub

Last year I started noticing little bumps popping up my skin that wouldn't disappear. I decided to try Dermalogica's Daily Microfoliant to help improve texture, and I've been super impressed. Not only has it helped with the little bumps, but my skin feels soft and smooth. I love the powder form, which allows you to create the preferred texture each time you use it. Love this stuff!

The Best Pan Ever

I received a Made In set of pots/pans for Christmas and am completely convinced this is the best cookware on the planet. This 12" stainless steel Made In frying pan is my daily go-to pan. I cook almost everything in it and love it SO much. I will never use another pan. Ever.

Plant Food

I've noticed a big difference in my plants since I started using Organic Plant Magic Soluble Plant Food. This stuff looks gross, but my plants sure do love it. My monsteras are bigger than ever!

Lightweight Waterproof Jacket

I bought this L.L. Bean Mountain Classic Water-Resistant Jacket before our Spring trip to Europe and have not regretted the purchase once. It's thick enough to keep you warm on a rainy day but lightweight enough to not weigh you down. I love the length (mid-thigh) and the large pockets (my Kindle Oasis fits perfectly inside). This jacket is a classic style that's so well-made it will last forever.

Mid-Century Bookshelves

I splurged on new West Elm Mid-Century bookshelves last year, and I have zero regrets! Obsessed does not even describe how I feel about this shelf. I've already filled my new one and am trying to figure out how I can squeeze in another set. Ssshhhh! Don't tell my partner. 🤪

Nice Leather Tennis Shoes

I've been wearing white leather Converse for years, but I wanted to level up in 2023. So I invested in a pair of these Madewell Court Sneakers which I now wear daily. They are super stylish and comfy, and they pair well with most of my outfits. Instantly in love!

Really Good Mascara

I am a mascara fanatic, so I thought I had tried them all. So imagine my surprise the first time I used a trial size of the new Mac Superstack mascara and fell in LOVE! Not only does it lengthen, it doesn't flake or smudge during the day. A mascara like this is worth every penny!

The Ultimate Dog Toy

My little rescue dog doesn't understand toys unless treats are involved. He is highly food-motivated, so enrichment toys have become a big part of our routine. And this Carrot Farm has been the biggest hit of all! I highly recommend this for any pup who needs a little more mental stimulation.

Lactic Acid Treatment

As I mentioned above, exfoliation became a big part of my 2023 skincare routine. Keihl's Ferulic Brew Antioxidant Facial Treatment with Lactic Acid got my attention by promising glowy, firmer skin with improved texture (all thanks to lactic acid's exfoliating effects). I've been using this for several weeks (along with the Dermlogica scrub) and notice a HUGE difference in the firmness and texture of my skin. I'm hooked!

Intimacy Products

As a 40+ y/o woman, I've noticed a big change in my body. When I asked my Gynecologist for recommendations, she very quickly named Foria as her go-to recommendation for peri-menopausal and menopausal women. And after trying Foria's Awaken Intimacy Oil with CBD I'm convinced she's a genius. Don't sleep on this stuff, ladies!

Quality Earplugs

I live with a man who snores. Anyone who knows what that's like is sure to appreciate these ANBOW soft silicone noise-canceling earplugs which have literally changed how I sleep. I cannot recommend these enough!

Digestive Enzymes

The older I get, the more I experience food-related GI symptoms after eating. But Bio-Core Digestive Enzymes have made a big difference in my comfort level. I can take one capsule before eating to avoid bloating and discomfort, which is a total game-changer in my book. Give them a try!

The Coziest Hoodie

I got two of these 47 Upland Bennett Hoods for Christmas last year and am OBSESSED! They are so soft, cozy, and warm. I love the slightly distressed look and the crop design. They are so yummy that I could live in them all day long!

Smart Foundation

I was skeptical when I first tried Laura Gellar's Baked Balance-n-Brighten Color Correcting Powder Foundation, but after just one application I was convinced this was exactly the foundation I needed. With built-in color correction and highlights, this foundation gives me just the right amount of coverage with one light application.

The Perfect Wallet

A new wallet wasn't in the plan for 2023, but when I splurged on a Portland Leather bag I decided to treat myself to a matching Small Zip Wallet. While the purse was ok (not a fan of the circle design) the wallet was a huge hit! I love how petite this wallet is. It's small enough to fit in my pocket when needed but has tons of space for all the necessities.



The Best Body Lotion

I'm a lotion-a-holic. I lather up head to toe every day, sometimes twice daily. For years I've bought the cheaper stuff thinking it was just as good as the higher-priced lotions. But after one application of Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Lotion, I was hooked. Those extra few bucks are totally worth it.

Nostalgic Car Air Freshener

If you grew up in the 90s then you'll recognize (and love) the scent of Little Trees Daisy Fields. The second I opened the first one I was instantly transported to 1993 when I opened my first Seventeen Magazine. The combination of perfume inserts always made the most memorable scent, and this air freshener captures that perfectly!

Rip Resistant Tights

Sweater dresses + tights + boots is my go-to Fall & Winter look. But most tights don't last more than a few wears for me; I always end up with runs or holes somehow. I was skeptical of SheerTex's claim that they had created Rip-Resistant Tights, but I'm 100% a believer now! If you like wearing tights, you NEED these!

Cute Kindle Sleeve

Last year I upgraded to this super cute Kindle Sleeve from Avocatocrafts and have been so pleased with my decision. I adore the craftsmanship and the eye-catching design. I've gotten many compliments on my little sleeve, so I'm sure you (or the bookworm in your life) will, too!

Lightweight Anti-Frizz Styling Creme

About 10 years ago I embraced my natural curls, but I've struggled to find products that don't weigh down my fine hair. For years I've avoided MorroccanOil products, but on a whim, I decided to try their Hydrating Styling Creme. I love this stuff! A little goes a long way, but boy does it help tame my frizz and put a bounce in my curls.

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