A Lady’s Guide to Scandal: Book Review

Romance may not be my go-to genre, but I do enjoy a good Regency Romance from time to time. And Sophie Irwin's latest, A Lady's Guide to Scandal, is high up the list of my all-time favorite Regency-era romance novels. Witty banter, feminist leanings, and a heartfelt romance make this closed-door romance book the perfect read for historical fiction lovers looking to add a little touch of romance to their regular reading. Find out why I've added this book to my list of the Best Books Published in 2023!

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A Lady's Guide to Scandal

Quick Look

  • historical romance ⁣
  • Regency Era⁣
  • stand-alone sophomore novel
  • highly feminist⁣
  • slightly door ajar

Pub date: ⁣July 11, 2023

⁣Thanks to @penguinbooks for the gifted copy!⁣

Publisher's Synopsis

When shy Miss Eliza Balfour married the austere Earl of Somerset, twenty years her senior, it was the match of the season--no matter that he was not the husband Eliza wanted.

Now, ten years later, Eliza is widowed. Suddenly, she is left titled, rich, and, for the first time in her life, utterly in control of her own future.  She’s always lived by society’s conventions, but now, Eliza has resolved to do as she wants.  And what she wants is to head to Bath with her cousin Margaret, pursue painting, learn to drive, and flirt with Bath’s most alluring new resident, the infamous Lord Melville.

But when the ripples of Eliza’s behavior reach her late husband’s nephew—who broke Eliza’s heart, years ago--Eliza will learn that freedom does not come without consequences. The only way to ensure she can keep her fortune is to avoid all scandal—but where’s the fun in that?

My Review

Oh my gosh, I loved this book SO much that it’s for sure going on my top reads of the year. Romance can be hit or miss for me, mostly because I prefer closed-door and lots of witty banter. Irwin delivers on both fronts in both her books, but the characters in this book stole my heart, in particular the scamp, Melville. Irwin included a biracial love interest in her Regency-era novel and a sapphic romance subplot, adding to the already strong feminist vibes of the book. But Eliza’s strength and determination to not be defined by her gender is what captivated me from the first pages. If you’ve never read a Regency romance but are intrigued, Sophie Irwin is a great place to start. She has a talent for bringing in all the elements of the beloved genre but making them feel fresh and contemporary. ⁣

My Rating

I could not have loved this book any more than I did. A Lady's Guide to Scandal brought me so much joy that I didn't want it to end. It solidified my adoration of Sophie Irwin, so I'll be impatiently waiting for her next book. If you're in the market for a modern-day Jane Austen, then you'll certainly love this book.

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