A Letter to Three Witches: Book Review

There’s nothing more enjoyable than a fun, lighthearted witchy book, which is exactly what A Letter to Three Witches turned out to be. Last year I set a goal to read as many witchy books as possible in the month of October. Most were excellent, but few were lighthearted or fun. Luckily, A Letter to Three Witches fills that void!

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Gwen, Trudy, and Milo are the closest of cousins who also happen to be a coven of witches with no witchcraft experience. Why? Their family was forbidden to practice witchcraft by the Great Council after a distant ancestor caused the Dust Bowl. Since then, members of their family have been hunted, stalked, and even eliminated for practicing witchcraft. Gwen’s parents are always telling her about the Watchers…they’re everywhere!

So, witchcraft is strictly forbidden. Imagine everyone’s surprise when Cousin Trudy accidentally performs a hex! How could a witch with absolutely no practice perform such a powerful hex without even trying? Better yet, is she hexing the entire town without even knowing it?

Now, Gwen and the gang are left wondering how to reverse the hex and if Trudy’s sudden power has anything to do with their other, less-than-cordial cousin, Tannith, and the threatening letter she sent to all three cousins? Who wouldn’t be upset when they receive handwritten correspondence accusing their partner of cheating with their least-favorite cousin? The letters certainly have Gwen, Trudy, and Milo questioning their partners and their relationships, not to mention their own judgment.

Could Gwen have moved in with her boyfriend too soon? Has she lost a little of herself in the relationship? Could Milo’s partner be cheating on him right under his nose? And where the heck did Trudy’s husband go after all these years? And, more importantly, why does she have brand new furniture?

When a potential Watcher shows up at Trudy’s home, Gwen is convinced the Great Council is on to their schemes. It doesn’t help that he’s handsome. Nor does it help that he keeps turning up everywhere she goes! He’s got to be a Watcher. Why else would he keep coming around?

It’s up to Gwen, Trudy, and Milo to discover the truth about their family, the Council, and their own powers. In the end, they’re wiser and happier for having received the letters, but the chain of events that follow is sure to be hare-raising!

A Letter to Three Witches Book Review


What a fun read! This is everything I wanted The Ex Hex to be, and more! Full of spells, witchy commentary, a talking cat, bewitched baked goods, and a witch on the run, this book’s a perfect read for Witchy season or any time you want a wild ride.

Sure, there could have been more spice, but I much prefer witchy to spicy any day. To me, a witch book without magic is not worth reading. Luckily, A Letter to Three Witches is filled with witchy goodness. I especially enjoyed the introduction to the story; Bass uses a unique perspective to capture the reader and throw them headfirst into the scene.

I also appreciated the relationship between the cousins, which totally reminded me of growing up with my own band of close cousins. Just like this trio, we always found ourselves in a pickle with no idea how we got there. I could literally write for hours about the many adventures we shared; it sometimes felt like I was closer to them than to my own siblings. This portrayal of “family” felt fresh and familiar to me.

I also really connected with Gwen’s character. Throughout the book we see her grappling with her reality in a relatable way. What’s she doing with her life? Is her relationship in jeopardy? Does she really care if it is? The realization that she comes to in the end reminded me of my own self-realization experiences. Take your boots and shove’em!

While the coven might not seek out trouble, trouble certainly finds them! The more the story progressed, the more twisted the tale became. At some point, this book became unputdownable for me, and it certainly left me with a smile on my face. This fast-paced read with fun characters and witchy goodness is sure to put a smile on your face.


Bottom line, if you’re in the market for a charming witchy book, this is the book for you! I laughed out loud more times than I expected, and the characters totally charmed me. Thank you Netgalley and Kensington Books for this e-Arc in exchange for my honest opinion!

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