The Best Book Influencer Programs to Join

Let's face it, many of us who start bookish social media accounts and/or book blogs are hoping to get access to ARCs, or Advanced Reader Copies. Sure, we love sharing bookish content and talking about books with fellow readers, but free books are a BIG motivator. I started my Bookstagram account in March 2021 and have since gotten access to MANY titles for FREE! Becoming a book influencer isn't hard if you enjoy reading and creating content. If that describes you, then let me first welcome you to the Bookish community and then give you a few pointers on the best Book Influencer Programs to Join!

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Become a Book Influencer: The Best Book Influencer Programs to Join


NetGalley is BY far the best and easiest book influencer program to join. You won't need a huge following to start accessing e-galleys of new books in just about any genre. To become a NetGalley reviewer you simply need a format where you review books (Goodreads, Instagram, TikTok, blog, etc) that you can use to review the titles you get approved to read and review. You can read my full NetGalley guide here!


Audiobook lovers will definitely want to apply for the Libro.FM Influencer Program, which gives you advanced listener access to soon-to-be-published books from a variety of publishing houses. Each month they offer 6-10 audiobooks of all genres that you can easily download and listen to in the app. They even supply a spreadsheet of links and resources for each book, making sharing and tagging publishers and authors a breeze.

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Publishers' Book Influencer Programs

If you're a big reader or if you've been following any book influencers then you've likely already heard about The Big Five. Publishing is big business, and to stay afloat many of the smaller publishing houses have been absorbed by the larger publishing houses, creating a few massive companies with smaller imprints. Book publishing can be complicated to understand for new book influencers, so I've put together something I think you'll find helpful.

Below is a list of the Big Five publishing houses and a few of their imprints I see being promoted on Bookstagram and BookTok (lists are not comprehensive). You'll notice each of the larger publishing houses has links to influencer programs. Use those links to apply to their comprehensive book influencer programs, giving you access to all of their imprints with a few simple clicks. Additionally, some imprints have programs of their own which I've included. If there's a specific imprint you want to work with, be sure to check the link on their social media pages, which can sometimes contain links to book influencer programs hard to find via Google Search. I've marked my favorite imprints with an asterisk (*); these are the imprints I work with most for historical fiction, women's fiction, and literary fiction books.

You'll want to read the fine print before applying, as some of the programs have specific requirements for the number of followers you need to be approved. Others only open their program to applications periodically (Berkley), so you may have to wait to apply. It's always best practice to follow the publishers and imprints on social media for all the latest updates on their programs, promotions, and publications! Whatever you do, have fun and good luck!


Penguin Random House

Knopf Doubleday Publishing

  • Anchor
  • Pantheon
  • Schocken
  • Doubleday
  • Vintage
  • Knopf

Penguin Publishing

Random House

  • Ballantine
  • Bantam
  • Delacorte
  • Del Rey
  • The Dial Press
  • Random House
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Harper Collins

  • Harlequin
  • Avon Books
  • Amistad
  • Dey Street Books
  • Ecco
  • Harper Books*
  • Harper Perennial
  • Harper Muse
  • Harper Voyager
  • Harper Audio*
  • Harper Wave
  • Harper Collins 360
  • Harper Collins Espanol
  • HTP Books*
  • William Morrow*
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Simon & Schuster

  • Atria*
  • Avid Reader Press
  • Gallery Books
  • Scribner*
  • Simon & Schuster*
  • Simon & Schuster Audio


One Last Thing

The book influencer industry is constantly evolving, so it pays to be in the know about the best book influencer programs out there. With this in mind, I compiled the list above featuring some of the top programs available to book influencers today. The opportunities are out there but you'll want to be sure the programs you apply to align with your niche and target audience. This will help ensure successful campaigns that will get noticed by publishers.

It's crucial to join an influencer platform that offers you the best chance of success. By researching the best book influencer programs for you, you'll be taking a valuable step towards establishing yourself as an authoritative voice in the industry and growing your reach. So don't wait—start building your portfolio today and join the book influencer revolution!

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