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Not all book reviewers choose to use a book rating system. I choose to use a 5-star rating system to help guide readers with shared interests. Before I dive into my book rating system let me first say that I have much respect for authors. There is no such thing as a bad book, but there are books that don’t resonate with readers based on their preferences and interests. That’s what makes reading so much fun! Discovering books, characters, writing styles, and authors that speak to you as a reader is what reading is all about in my opinion. I hope my star rating system and my reviews help you discover a new book or a new author that captivates you.

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One Star

Again, all books are worth reading, but not all books are for me. A one-star book would be a book I decide not to finish. It’s rare that I do not finish (DNF) a book, but there have been a few. Books that I choose not to finish lack momentum or believable characters. They may also have an unrealistic plot or story line. Some have aggressively pushed religion or ideology that I disagree with. In general, one-star books are books that I absolutely do not enjoy for whatever reason, and they are certainly books that I do not recommend for readers with similar interests.

Two Stars

Two star reads are generally books that have elements that I enjoy (theme, genre) but fall short of a good reading experience. Most have a character I can’t connect with or a plot line that falls short of interesting. While I may finish the book, it’s probably because I’ve invested so much time in the book that I have to see where it goes or what happens to the main character (MC). Two star books are usually too long and could have benefited from editing. I won’t go so far as to say these books shouldn’t be read, but they certainly should be approached with caution.

Three Stars

Three star books are solid, enjoyable reads that I certainly recommend to readers with similar interests. They have fully developed plots, believable characters, and interesting themes. Three star reads are typically well-paced but may fall short in the end (disappointing ending, predictable outcome, solvable mystery, etc). Sometimes hyped books fall into this category. Since starting Bookstagram I’ve read several books that fell short of great despite being much hyped all over Booksta. Regardless of their shortcomings, three star books are definitely worth adding to your to be read (TBR) list. But maybe consider borrowing a copy from the library before investing in a copy.

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Four Stars

A four star read is a book that I couldn’t put down. They are well-paced with fully developed characters and believable plots. While there may be a misstep here or there, they are worth the higher rating because of the emotion they evoked or the quality of the writing. I may or may not read again, so I’ll keep a copy on the shelf just in case. Generally, a four star book is one I highly recommend adding to your TBR as soon a possible.

four star books I recommend

Five Stars

When I give a five star book rating it’s typically a book that I have zero complaints about and was left dumbstruck after reading. These books are absolute works of art. Usually, five star books have beautiful prose, highly relatable characters, and stories that feel authentic and uber realistic. I’ve probably read them quickly due to their un-put-down-able quality, and I’m still thinking about the story or the characters days later. These are books that I will keep on my shelves for years to come because I will re-read them time and time again. If I’ve read a loaned copy or an e-ARC you can bet I will instantly buy a copy to keep. If I give a five star rating please don’t sleep on that book!

five star books I recommend

All the Stars

Stop what you’re doing and immediately get a copy of this book. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

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Whether you use a book rating system or not, I’m sure you can appreciate that not all books are for everyone. My system is simply a way for me to share my thoughts and feelings about the books I read. I hope my book rating system helps my fellow readers find enjoyable reads they can relate to; after all, that’s what this blog is all about!

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