50 Free BookTok Video Ideas

Joining the BookTok community was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. If you’re a new BookToker or wondering how to get started on BookTok, then you’ve come to the right place. I speak from experience when I say that coming up with Booktok video ideas can seem hard at first, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are 50 BookTok video ideas you can use to get started on your BookTok journey!

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Booktok Video Ideas
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The Thing About BookTok

One of the reasons I love BookTok so much is that it truly is VERY different than Bookstagram. On Booksta everything has to be highly curated, edited, and beautiful. BookTok on the other hand can be off-the-cuff and spontaneous. In fact, some of my highest-performing BookTok videos have been completely unplanned and unpolished. Some have even been make-up free and poorly lit. Talking to the camera is acceptable, as are silly voiceovers. Book graphics work just as well as physical books, so Kindle and audiobook readers can still create content without having to spend a fortune on books! I also find it MUCH easier to connect with readers on Booktok, whereas I engage more with fellow book influencers on Bookstagram. While I still love Booksta, I’m finding it much less fun than BookTok lately.

Getting Started on BookTok

If I were starting a book influencer account today knowing what I know I would DEFINITELY start a BookTok account rather than a Bookstagram account (see reasons above). And while some of the same concepts apply to creating an account (see Book Influencer Tips for more info), starting a BookTok account is much easier, cheaper, and more effective! Other than your phone and books to read, all you need are BookTok video ideas. Here are 50 Booktok content prompts to get you started today!

  1. Five 5-star Books of a Specific Genre
  2. Five 5-star Books from 5 Genres
  3. Five repeat 5-star authors
  4. Books in my favorite genre that I haven’t read yet
  5. Best books by marginalized authors
  6. Favorite books with LGBTQ+/BIPOC main characters
  7. Top book of the month and why
  8. Reading goal updates
  9. Auto-buy authors
  10. Four books in my favorite genre I recommend to all readers
  11. Three books that surprised me and why
  12. A twist I didn’t see coming
  13. Best surprise ending
  14. Booktoker shout-outs
  15. A book I own multiple copies of
  16. If you liked ____ then you’ll love ____
  17. If you watched _____ then read _____
  18. Multiple books with the same romance trope
  19. Favorite book boyfriend
  20. Five 5-star feminist main characters
  21. Five 5-star audiobooks
  22. Top 5-star predictions
  23. Book/bookmail haul
  24. Bookmail unboxing
  25. Top 12 books of the year
  26. Book unhaul
  27. Library/bookstore/little free library tour
  28. Unpopular opinion
  29. Favorite book of all time
  30. Meet the Booktoker
  31. Scariest/Funniest/Saddest book I’ve ever read
  32. A day in the life
  33. Bookshelf/bookcart tour
  34. Weekly/monthly TBR
  35. What I read this week
  36. Book subscription picks/unboxing
  37. Upcoming releases I’m excited to read
  38. Bedside table tour
  39. Prettiest book covers
  40. Reading nook tour
  41. What I’m reading right now
  42. Starting a new book
  43. Monthly/yearly reading statistics
  44. Book aesthetic
  45. Books I couldn’t put down
  46. Books I couldn’t finish
  47. Books I wish I could read again for the 1st time
  48. Books I wish I hadn’t finished
  49. Booktok made me buy it
  50. Book reviews!

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