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Book reviews are my favorite part of book blogging! I love sharing my thoughts on books, both new and old. Whether it’s historical fiction, witchy reads, literary fiction, or magical realism, chances are you’ll find a book to add to your reading list in the book reviews below!

The Unsinkable Greta James: Book Review

By Carlie | March 2, 2022

Even rock stars have bad days, but Greta’s had a few bad months. She’s still reeling after the sudden loss of her mother when she reluctantly agrees to accompany her father on a week-long cruise he intended to take with his wife. It doesn’t help that he and Greta don’t see eye to eye on anything. What could possibly go wrong? Don’t miss Jennifer Smith’s new novel, The Unsinkable Greta James!

One Italian Summer: Book Review

By Carlie | March 1, 2022

Life after loss is never easy, but for Katie Silver it seems impossible. She’ll have to travel to coastal Italy to find some peace and make sense of the loss of her mother. Don’t miss One Italian Summer, a heartbreakingly beautiful novel from Rebecca Serle. #bookreview #OneItalianSummer #contemporaryfiction

The Magnolia Palace: Book Review

By Carlie | January 25, 2022

Historical fiction meets art history in The Magnolia Palace, the latest book by Fiona Davis. Mystery, family drama, and romance are all part of this wonderful new novel.

Good Rich People: Book Review

By Carlie | January 25, 2022

Good Rich People is a dark, twisted family thriller that is un-put-downable! This book review explains why this new novel is one of the best new books of 2022. Don’t sleep on this excellent book!

Joan is Okay: Book Review

By Carlie | January 25, 2022

Joan is Okay is a masterful new novel by Weike Wang. Poignant and highly personal, the book tells the story of Joan, a young physician facing life’s most complex questions.

A Thousand Steps: Book Review

By Carlie | January 11, 2022

Part thriller, part coming of age story, A Thousand Steps is the perfect mix of mystery and historical fiction. Follow 16-year-old Matt on his quest to find his missing sister in 1960s Laguna Beach.

Mr Dickens and His Carol

By Carlie | January 10, 2022

What drove Charles Dickens to write the most famous Christmas book ever? Mr. Dickens and His Carol takes readers on a fantastic fictional journey in the heart and mind of Charley Dickens as he writes his masterpiece.

The Four Winds: Book Review

By Carlie | December 2, 2021

Don’t miss this review for Kristin Hannah’s epic historical fiction, The Four Winds. This is a must read for historical fiction lovers.