Book Reviews

Book reviews are my favorite part of book blogging! I love sharing my thoughts on books, both new and old. Whether it’s historical fiction, witchy reads, literary fiction, or magical realism, chances are you’ll find a book to add to your reading list in the book reviews below!

Joan is Okay: Book Review

By Carlie | January 25, 2022

Joan is Okay is a masterful new novel by Weike Wang. Poignant and highly personal, the book tells the story of Joan, a young physician facing life’s most complex questions.

A Thousand Steps: Book Review

By Carlie | January 11, 2022

Part thriller, part coming of age story, A Thousand Steps is the perfect mix of mystery and historical fiction. Follow 16-year-old Matt on his quest to find his missing sister in 1960s Laguna Beach.

Mr Dickens and His Carol

By Carlie | January 10, 2022

What drove Charles Dickens to write the most famous Christmas book ever? Mr. Dickens and His Carol takes readers on a fantastic fictional journey in the heart and mind of Charley Dickens as he writes his masterpiece.

The Four Winds: Book Review

By Carlie | December 2, 2021

Don’t miss this review for Kristin Hannah’s epic historical fiction, The Four Winds. This is a must read for historical fiction lovers.