Tips for Starting a Bookstagram Account

Are you a book lover? Have you ever wanted to share your love of books or gain support from others in the book-loving community? With Bookstagram, you can join thousands of content creators around the world who are engaging and connecting with other book lovers daily. But getting started can be overwhelming: how do you build a following, create content that resonates with your audience, and find ways to boost your success?

In this article, you’ll find practical tips for starting a Bookstagram account from scratch. You’ll get an overview of the essential steps for setting up your account, and learn how to create content that speaks to your readers. With this guide, you’ll have the confidence to step into the world of Bookstagram and find out why so many book lovers are enjoying the creative and community-building opportunities it has to offer.


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Tips for Starting a Bookstagram Account

Do Your Research

Start by following bookish accounts that you love and take notes! What do you like about their content? What messages resonate most with you? Is there a particular style that drew you in and motivated you to hit like or follow? All these questions are helpful when defining your own style, but they can also teach you a lot about reader/follower behavior. Paying attention to the content you enjoy is the best advice for new bookstagrammers and booktokers. Little things like easy-to-read, catchy graphics, and review styles will go a long way to draw followers and keep them coming back for more. You'll understand this behavior better when you discover what draws you in and keeps you engaged.


Choose a Handle

I can't stress enough how important it is that you give some thought to this step. You'll want to choose a handle that represents you, but you also want to select something that other people will remember! Your handle is your first opportunity to brand yourself, so picking a handle that will resonate with other readers and is easy to recall is important. When possible, avoid adding punctuation or other non-alpha characters as they are hard for others to recall when tagging you and engaging in the app. And remember, your handle is a great SEO (search engine optimization) opportunity, so adding words that people search for to find books or genres can help you stand out in a search!

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Identify Your Why

There are A LOT of book accounts now, so knowing your why and your ideal audience is critical when starting out. It may take some time to refine your brand and your why, but having a general idea of what type of follower you're hoping to attract will go a long way in helping you develop a brand that stands out. Can you attract an audience if you are a generalist? Sure, but it will be harder. Take some time to reflect on your reason for joining Bookstagram and what you hope to achieve by posting about books. Are you hoping to connect with other Bookstagrammers or are you hoping to find readers with similar interests? Questions like these can help you identify your Why!

Plan Your Content

Planning ahead is super helpful if your hoping to be consistent (which I highly recommend), but what does this even mean? Start with a list of books to review, wrap-ups, and suggested reading lists. Next, use a calendar to map out a schedule that works for you. Having an idea of what you plan to post and when you will post will help you develop a posting routine that your followers will learn to anticipate. Experiment and adjust according to your schedule, but aim to be consistent. There are some great content scheduling tools out there, so find what works for you and post!


Read, Review, Repeat

Bookish content creation is all about books, so reading is a critical aspect of Bookstagram. Book reviews are the backbone of most bookish accounts, so you'll want to incorporate as many as you can when you're getting started. The more you review, the more advanced reader opportunities you'll get (see this post for more info). Be kind and courteous when reviewing but BE HONEST! Followers appreciate honesty and authenticity. Never tag authors in negative reviews though.

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