What This Week: April 10

The countdown is on for our European vacation, and I am elated! I’ve not been reading as much as I’d like, but trip planning has to come first. Now that most of our itinerary is nailed down I can relax and focus on deciding which books to bring! 🙂 How many do you bring when you travel? Let me know in the comments! Meanwhile, here’s the new edition of What This Week: April 10.

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What This Week: Reading

I didn’t get nearly as much reading done last week, so I’m still working on some of last week’s featured books. Right now I’m listening to a copy of What the Hex, a super sexy witchy read from Jessica Clare. I’ve not read the first in the series, Go Hex Yourself, but I’m not sure you need to as I’ve had no trouble following along. It’s very open door, so be sure to take that into consideration!

Happy Place by Emily Henry is next up on my advanced listener’s list, which is SUPER exciting. I’m probably the only person on the web who didn’t like Book Lovers, but I’m still hopeful her newest novel will bring back the rush I felt when I finished Beach Read for the first time. Stay tuned; I’ll be reporting back for sure!

Lastly, I’ve started In the Lives of Puppets, the latest from TJ Klune. His books are pure love, so I have no doubt this book will swallow my whole heart. So far the magical storytelling Klune is famous for has captured my attention, and I doubt I’ll be able to put this one down until it’s complete. It’s out on April 25, so look for my review soon.

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Sunday Patio Vibes

Featured Bookmail

I got this super fun promo box from Henry Holt featuring a lovely new WWII fiction, Künstlers in Paradise, and a series of perfumes from Ellis Brooklyn! Thank you so much, Henry Holt!

What This Week: Watching

If you’re a fan of dark humor, then do not sleep on Lucky Hank, Bob Odenkirk’s new show on AMC. The show revolves around Hank, a tenured professor whose luck seems to have passed by in the race of life. His father was a famous author/professor, but Hank’s star never rose despite his best-selling debut novel. Decades later, he’s still working on his second novel while juggling the politics of academia. The show is a clever portrayal of office culture in academia, which can be pretty cut-throat! We’ve really enjoyed the show which speaks to the time of life we are fast approaching.

What This Week: Travel Planning

Having traveled abroad many times in the past, I’ve learned the hard way that traveling light and traveling with a plan are essential for shorter trips. I’m a firm believer that the only travel guide you need is a pocket guide from Lonely Planet. Once you’ve outlined your trip, use color-coded tabs to plan your daily itineraries and take the book with you on the go! Lonely Planet has tons of great suggestions for things to do, places to eat (at all prices), and general travel tips. I’ve tried other travel guides, but I always return to Lonely Planet.

What This Week: April 10
What This Week: April 10
What This Week: April 10

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