What This Week: January 23

After an unexpected break (whoops), I’m back in action this week. I didn’t mean to fall off, but a quick trip to visit family in Denver meant I had little time to write between great meals and lots of shopping (check out Booktok for a few bookstore tours). And after a busy week of work, I’m finally back in action on the blog and on social media. But for now, enjoy another edition of What This Week (January 23), lots of book reviews, and more bookish fun.

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What This Week: Reading

As I said in my last What This Week, I’ve been hard at work reading as many advanced reader copies as possible. While I still have MANY new books to read, I finally have breathing room enough to read a few backlist books. Up first is The White Hare, a historical fiction set in 1950s Cornwall with a touch of magic. I fell hard for the cover of this book and the synopsis when I found a copy at Tattered Cover in Denver. This was published last year, but I didn’t hear anything about it. Reviewers all seem to enjoy it, so I have high hopes.

I’m starting Looking for Jane this week and am already convinced it will be a great read. This debut novel is all about women’s right to choose, and it could not be more timely in my opinion. Full of family secrets, the story of the Jane Network is sure to be an emotional read that I’m here for.

Lastly, I’m starting the audio of the new thriller The House in the Pines, which everyone seems to be raving about on Bookstagram. I’ve had hits with my last few thrillers, and I’m hoping to keep up the trend with this one. But I don’t typically enjoy the unreliable narrator trope, so we shall see.

What This Week: Watching

I literally cannot stop thinking about this movie, y’all. Yes, it’s a YA film. Yes, it’s cute and clever. But it’s also SO much more. Based on the 1994 book of the same name by Karen Cushman and brought to life by director Lena Dunham, Catherine Called Birdy is a triumph! I adored everything about the story of the strong-willed Birdy. This film is perfect for anyone raising young humans, with messages of individuality, freedom to choose, and female worth. Plus, the soundtrack is full of lovely covers of great songs from the last several decades. Please watch this movie!

We decided to give The Menu a watch this weekend after learning it’s available for streaming on HBO. I love Ralph Fiennes SO MUCH that I knew this would be enjoyable. We went in kind of blind and were surprised to find it’s a thriller and a clever one at that. The social commentary is spot on, and it leaves you wondering which side of the menu you’d be on! Fiennes, as usual, is brilliant, so if you’re a fan don’t miss this one.

What This Week: Lifestyle

We are excited to see just how smart our little guy, Fozzy, is after learning of Bunny the Talking Dog. Bunny is a brilliant sheepadoodle who’s learned to talk using a series of buttons. I’m fascinated with Bunny and her human, Alexis, and cannot stop watching them on social media. Fozzy has two buttons that we will try to teach him to use them! He’s a fast learner and very food motivated, so I have high hopes. I’ll be sure to share the results be they good or bad.

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