What This Week: June 12

June is well underway, which means summer reading is gaining steam. I'm in the middle of a month-long backlist book challenge (more info below), but that doesn't mean summer reads aren't on the agenda. Find out what I'm currently reading and what new product I will never, ever live without again in this edition of What This Week: June 12.

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What This Week: June 12
Pic of the Week: this lovely thing caught my eye on a recent walk

What This Week: Reading

I'm still working through my TBR as part of my Backlist Book Challenge (see this post for more details), so some of these books are quite old. But old books need love, too! I just finished the brand new Fiona Davis novel, The Spectacular, and I'm in the mood for something similar. So, I'm sticking with Davis this week and reading her 2017 novel, The Dollhouse.

After that, I'm hoping to tackle at least one of the many Beatriz Williams novels I own, most likely herm 2019 novel, The Golden Hour. Williams and Davis are two of my must-buy historical fiction authors, and they both have a knack for writing summer-ready novels. I strongly encourage you to check them out!

As for new fiction, next up on my reading list is Lady Tan's Circle of Women, the latest novel by Lisa See. Set in ancient China, this female empowerment novel is getting high praise from readers across the web. I'm looking forward to diving into what's sure to be a powerful story.

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If you're new around here, then you probably haven't met my main man, Fozzy! He is my entire heartbeat. ❤️ A rescue pup from the mean streets of Los Angeles, this little guy is a champion bone collector, snuggler, and cat food thief. He makes it hard to focus on reading sometimes, like this moment last week where he was begging for pets.

What This Week: June 12

New Bookmail

The Cold War is another historical time period I enjoy learning about through fiction. So, when TLC Booktours reached out about participating in the tour for A Shadow in Moscow I jumped at the chance. Publishing June 13, this new historical fiction from Harper Muse is high on my TBR, so stay tuned for a full review.

What This Week: June 12

What This Week: Watching

Like most Outlander fans I've been counting down the days until the premier of Season 7 on Starz. The promos (see below) have given me chills every single time I watch. I am literally waiting with bated breath to head back to Fraser's Ridge with Jamie, Claire, and the gang. Will you be watching?

And if you're in the mood for a sports documentary (which you should be), do not miss Reggie, the brand new film about baseball legend Reggie Jackson. This film is more than your typical sports show. Reggie's story is moving AF. The racism he experienced is more than maddening, and his ability to cut through the bullish!t is refreshing. Highly recommend! Watch on Amazon Prime Video.

What This Week: Lifestyle

Some of us, no matter what we do, have stank breath. I am one of those people. Despite rigorous efforts to maintain top-notch dental hygiene, my genes have damned me to smelly breath (thanks Mom). Until now!

I finally discovered a solution, and I could not be happier!!! TheraBreath products have totally changed the game for me. I LOVE this stuff. I started out with the mouthwash a few months ago and noticed fresher breath, but it wasn't until I added the toothpaste to the mix that I noticed a really meaningful difference.

I'm no longer searching for mints in the bottom of my purse. Instead, I'm confident and cool, even close up. 😁 Do not sleep on this stuff if you struggle with less-than-stellar breath. You will not regret it!

That's a Wrap!

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