What This Week: November 14

Another week, another chance to knock that reading goal out of the park! At least that’s what I keep telling myself. Truth is, I’ve already met my reading goal for the year, but I’m still trying to reach my secret reading goal that I haven’t told anyone about. Who knows if I’ll make it? I’ve got a few new titles on the horizon and at least one backlist read in this week’s edition of What This Week: November 14. Check them out below!

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What This Week: Reading

I finished a few advanced reader copies this past week, but my Netgalley shelf is still stocked with lots of upcoming releases I can’t wait to read. I’m starting Factory Girls this week, the latest from Irish author, Michelle Gallen. The book is based in Northern Ireland in the mid-1990s during The Troubles; the main character is facing troubles of her own as she takes a summer job in a local factory. The first few pages have me laughing already, so I’m hoping for a funny read that packs a nostalgic punch.

With several advanced listener copies to catch up on, I’m hoping to focus on audiobooks this week. First up will be Celeste Ng’s latest, Our Missing Hearts. Set in a dystopian future, the story centers around a young boy and his relationship with his mother. I started the book on Sunday evening and I can already say it’s likely to be a 5-star read. Stay tuned to find out!

I recently decided that it’s time to burn through a few of my backlist historical fictions, books that have sitting on my shelf collecting dust. First up is Belgravia, by Julian Fellowes, the author of Downton Abbey. The book takes place in the early 19th century and centers around the lives of a middle class family determined to climb the social ladder. Already I’m enjoying the drama, so I’m sure it will likely be a favorite, just like Downton! Belgravia was made into a television show, as well. I’m sure if I enjoy the book I’ll be adding it to the to be watched list.

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Pic of the Week: Cute Couple Spotted on a Recent Stroll

What This Week: Watching

The Crown is finally BACK! I am a huge fan of the Netflix phenomenon, so it goes without saying that I am thrilled. Too bad my guy doesn’t have similar taste; he’s been banished to the man cave to watch his sports while I catch up with Charles and Di! I’m a few episodes into the new season and already hooked on the drama and splendor. If you’ve been wondering if The Crown is good, this is your sign. Watch it!

What This Week: Eating

We’re inching ever closer to the holidays, and I am starting to get excited! To make life a little easier, I’ve decided to order Thanksgiving Dinner, something I’ve never done before. I usually enjoy cooking, but the thought of preparing an entire meal for two people again this year is more than I can manage. Given the crappy year I’ve had, I thought what better way to treat myself! I might still make a little something, but chances are I’ll be reading on the sofa much of Thanksgiving Day! If I were to cook, here’s a few tried and true recipes I’d rely on for the perfect Thanksgiving meal.

FYI, we went out for lunch this weekend, splurging a bit on fancy sandwiches at our local bougie cheese shop. It was here that I discovered what’s been missing from my tuna salad: rosemary. Turns out, I’ve been doing it wrong for 30+ years. They served a tuna melt on rosemary bread that completely knocked my socks off. The rosemary totally elevates the sandwich, taking a cafeteria staple to new heights. Here’s a modified version that I can’t wait to try at home next time I have a craving for a tuna salad sandwich!

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